Raise your number of approved credits by using AI 

Today, the payment ability of a loan applicant must be understood within a second. As of today, scorecards are used which is developed through a complex and resource intensive development process.  The scorecards are rarely updated and in practice are they too general to understand all types of applicants. This means that you as a lender are at risk of rejecting good customers since you don’t understand them fully. 

Our platform is based on Artificial Intelligence and identifies complex relationships and patterns in large data amounts. The platform is constantly updated, getting smarter for each decision and will help you increase your number of approved credits without added risk. Welcome to the future of credit assessment.


Truly understand your applicants and increase your conversions without increasing your credit losses.


Follow behavioral changes among consumers and companies.


Minimize resources to develop scorecards and reduce resources for manual decisions.

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Take the next step by using the right decision basis

We provide you with credit assessment models tailored to your unique customer segment. We offer models for both private and corporate loans.

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Ask questions such as:
When will the debt be refunded?
What is the optimal interest rate to win more “bids” for incoming loans from agents such as Lendo?

Predict by using AI

To understand and predict your customers’ behaviours are we using artificial intelligence (AI). The models are trained to find patterns, rules and relationships from historical data which are too complex for a human to find.

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