Models developed on AI becomes smarter for each decision. One of our core values is that we constantly must update and optimize our models to achieve the best possible accuracy and to follow behavioural changes among consumers and companies. The difference between consumers’ and companies’ payment behaviours today compared to 10 years ago is huge. Therefore, our platform is created with the knowledge that payment behaviors changes all the time and are updated in real-time to capture trends early. To enable this goal, we offer an end-to-end solution, where we take care of everything from updating and optimizing the model to maintenance and support. The price model for our end-to-end solution can be divided into two parts, an engineering fee and a monthly license fee.

Engineering fee

The initial cost includes customization of our models to your specific demands and data and integration to your existing systems.

License fee

The monthly license fee includes continuous updating, optimization, support and maintenance to provide you with a model with maximum accuracy.

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