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How is data stored at Evispot?

Evispot stores all data according to standards of the credit information industry, where the processes are approved to handle credit- and personal data. Evispot uses Invativa Cloud for storing data, which is provided by Invativa. During the last 15 years, Invativa is responsible and provide storage for the credit information industry.

The data center uses redundant internet connections, redundant load balancer together with UPS. It uses a login system that store the logs of all activities. In addition, SSF 200:3 shield protection is used, together with SSF 130:6 burglar alarm system, including alarm class 3 and camera surveillance, CCTV.

How does Evispot work with GDPR?

When Evispot was founded it was already decided that GDPR should be implemented. This has enabled us to design our systems and processes for data storage and data processing in accordance with the new rules since day one.

Personal data is only treated during a limited time when we develop and implement our models, additionally personal data agreements are used. We erase all data from our systems when the model is developed. Our data processing policy is based on the Swedish Data Inspection´s general advice for data storage and data management.

We can, for specific cases, also develop our models using pseudonymised data. Our models can handle this type of data and receive similar results and accuracy. If you would like to develop a model, using pseudonymised data, please contact us and we would gladly discuss how it could be done.

How does Evispot work with intellectual property rights?

The Platform and its original content, features and functionality are and will remain the exclusive property of Evispot. When you as a customer connect to our platform, we tailor our credit assessment models after your demands and your data. The created model is owned by Evispot and you as a customer has the exclusive right to license the model. The data that you send to us are and will remain your exclusive property and we will only use it when we are tailoring the model after your demands. Your data and the developed model will only be used by you and will never be shared to any third-part company.

How transparent are our models?

Credit assessment models must be understood by a person and the model must be analyzed in detail so we truly can understand the model’s performance. AI is often described as a black box, where each decision is much harder to understand, compared to traditional methods such as logistic regression. With AI, a credit assessment model can consist of hundreds of variables in a complex set of decision trees, making it complex to understand.

Evispot has developed processes and tools to make our AI models easier to understand and explain – this is also called Explainable AI. Our platform is designed to provide you with the benefits of AI, while meeting the requirements for transparency. We provide models that can be explained using statistical data, and we also offer you the ability to decide the transparency level you want on your models.

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