Evispot is proud to be a partner of the national AI center:
AI Innovation of Sweden

August 20, 2019

Artificial intelligence has the potential to solve many complex challenges faced across many industries. In order to derive significant benefit of AI, Evispot has been chosen to be part of the national AI center: AI Innovation of Sweden. The platform will act as a national center for AI related research, education and innovation that flourishes Swedish industries.

Sweden should be the best in the world at using the opportunities presented by digitalisation. AI Innovation of Sweden is an important part of making this a reality.

Anders Ygeman

Swedish Minister for Energy and Digitalisation

Stakeholders from the industry, the public sector and academia have joined AI Innovation of Sweden. Evispot will contribute to this initiative through practical application of its extensive knowledge and expertise of interpretable ML and AI. Evispot’s unique platform for developing machine learning credit models and explain exactly how and why each decision was made, makes us a valuable partner to AI innovation of Sweden.

If you’re ready to capture the benefits AI can give your credit risk models, let’s have a chat! Contact partnership@evispot.ai to learn more.

Read more at the AI Innovation of Sweden website

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