Join Our Family as a Backend Engineer

December 2, 2019

Join Our Family as a Backend Engineer

Evispot’s main goal is to ensure that the credit decisions of tomorrow will be given in a transparent, ethical and fair manner without compromising the accuracy. We are a group of technology interested people with competence and experience within credit assessment, finance and deep knowledge within machine learning (ML).

As of today, we expect banks to provide all their services digitally, we expect to have the possibility to apply for a loan and know if we are granted a loan or not, within seconds, using our phones whenever it suits us. The traditional credit assessment processes won´t be efficient enough for this transformation, and that is why Evispot exists.

Work at Evispot

If you choose to get on board with us, you will be part of an exciting journey where you have the possibility to change the credit landscape into a more transparent and ethical manner. We value a caring and equal workplace where you are allowed to grow while being yourself. It is our core belief that autonomy and collaboration are more important than hierarchy. Therefore, we constantly work with common team-goals, where we together find strategic solutions to build the best possible product to help our customers.

As a backend engineer at Evispot, you will be part of building and implementing our machine learning platform tailored for credit decisions. Among other things you will be part of implementing solutions for the following challenges:

  • Designing and building a ML platform that needs to be scalable and resilient.

  • Build and implement new features from understanding requirements through to production.

  • Green field development, working on problems unheard of before.

  • Take an active role in driving discussion around technical choices.

  • Work close to our product teams and continuously develop our ML platform.

Who you are?

You like to, together with other people, find solutions for new challenges. Furthermore, we appreciate if you previously have been involved in projects where you have used your front-end programming skills and built user-friendly websites/applications.

Our primary tool is python, we use it for implementing REST API:s, data processing and model development. We host data at our own servers, using MySQL, dockers and kubernetes for orchestration. At last we use the the framework dash, which is based on react for visualisation.

If you think you would enjoy working at Evispot and have the possibility to work from Gothenburg - it would be amazing to meet you for a cup of coffee to learn more about what you would like to do in the future.

For more information contact Tomas Sellden at with your application and questions.

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